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Move-In at The Lodge on the Trail

Although The Lodge on the Trail offers fully furnished apartments with full-size washers and dryers, there are a few things we suggest you bring on move-in day (and a few things you shouldn’t).

What items should I bring?

A shower curtain, a TV for bedroom, a plunger, and a vacuum.

What items should I NOT bring?

A mattress or a TV for the common area, as we provide both.

Are there any items that are forbidden at The Lodge on the Trail?

Large aquariums; only aquariums that are 10 gallons or less are allowed.

Are there any items I might not think of that are useful?

A photo ID, electric confirmation information, and insurance information.

If you have any other questions about move-in, feel free to contact us! Information about our individual leases, all-inclusive living and more can be found on our Parents page.